HERE Map Content Developer's Guide

Traffic Sign


Traffic Sign is a condition indicating the location of a traffic sign, the type of sign, and the sign category. It also includes supplemental signs, if present, indicating distance or other specific information.


Traffic Sign can be used for map display and to generate specific driver alert messages.

Traffic Sign in conjunction with Traffic Sign Type = 37 (Crossing with priority from the right), 41 (Pedestrian Crossing), or 42 (Yield) can also be used in optimizing route calculation.


  • The Traffic Sign condition is applied only where a physical sign exists. For Stop Signs, Traffic Sign conditions are applied to the intersection node affected by the Stop Sign, even if the actual Stop Sign is located prior to the intersection.

  • The Traffic Sign conditions are included with an accuracy of 50 metres.

  • Supplemental sign in the corresponding language is applied. Supplemental sign text for attributes Supplemental Sign Duration, Supplemental Sign Pre-Warning, and Supplemental Sign Validity Time are UTF8-encoded and can be applied with any language.

  • If present in reality, multiple supplemental sign texts of the same attribute can be applied for one Traffic Sign condition.

  • The Traffic Sign condition is not applied for the following:
    • Temporarily posted traffic signs
    • Traffic signs painted on the road
  • Stop Signs, Crossing with Priority from the Right, and Pedestrian Crossing signs are applied wherever signposted in reality.

  • Traffic Sign conditions are applied to one road segment as origin and one node as the destination. The origin is the road segment prior to the Traffic Sign location and the destination is the node affected by the Traffic Sign (see the following image).

    Figure 1.
  • Traffic Sign conditions are defined in relation to the driving direction. Different traffic signs may be included.

  • The Access Characteristics of the Traffic Sign condition are flagged for all Vehicle Types.

  • Date/Time Modifiers are not applied for Traffic Sign conditions.