HERE Map Content Schema

3D Buildings Layer

3D Buildings is a HERE Premium layer that contains Building prisms (geometries with height and ground clearance), primarily used for map rendering. The layer is self-contained and can be used stand-alone. The message definitions are defined in building_footprints_partition.proto.

Table 1. Attribute Description
Location Building locations in this partition. Location specifies the geometry of the Building prisms (single prisms or multi-prisms). Building Height and Ground Clearance (if applicable) are included as part of the prism definition (LevelInformation).
Place Building places in this partition. Place specifies the building name and the building type (category) of the Building. The building type is reflecting the most common use of the building is published. Building Types are described in the Building Metadata Layer.
DisplayClassAttribute Display class attribution for buildings in this partition (optional). Display Class is a classification for a subset of buildings that enables a meaningful display based on importance of the feature. Display Class values (1-3) for Buildings are described in the Building Metadata layer.

Partitioning: HERE Tile, at level 12