HERE Map Content Developer's Guide

3D Landmarks Layer

The 3D Landmarks layer publishes map-references and other metadata for 3D Landmarks. 3D Landmarks are 3D models of prominent landmarks with photorealistic façades such as historic buildings, tourist attractions, high-rise buildings and transportation hubs and enable applications to build a representation of an environment from 2D to 3D enriched by 3D Landmarks.

For each 3D Landmark, there are two versions of the 3D model, a ‘standard’ version and a ‘light’ version. The standard version has approximately 500-600 faces on the 3D object and the light version has approximately 200-400 faces, however, more complex landmarks may contain higher face counts. A 64x64 pixel icon of each 3D Landmark is also supplied.

The 3D Landmarks layer publishes the main attributes of each landmark, the actual models are published by a separate HERE Map Content catalog (please consult HERE Technical Services for further information).