HERE Map Content Developer's Guide

ADAS Attribution Layer

The ADAS Attribution Model contains height, slope, curvature, and heading attribution for the road network. This content enables use cases such as adaptive cruise control, adaptive front lighting, curve speed control, and curve previews.
  • Curvature is a numerical value indicating the deviation of a Segment from a straight path at Nodes and certain parametric points along the Segment. A delivered value of zero (0) means no curvature (for example, a straight road). Positive values curve to the left with respect to the direction of the Segment; negative values curve to the right. Curvature values between parametric points can be interpolated by the application. Curvature is stored as numeric value representing the curvature in metres -1 x 106). (1Radius-of-Curvature x 106)
  • Elevation indicates the height relative to sea level at a parametric point along a Segment or at a Node.
  • Heading indicates the compass heading relative to true north at a parametric point or intersection Node, relative to the direction of the associated Segment. It is the angle in Decimal Degrees x 103, between North and the road direction.
  • Slope is delivered as numerical values at parametric points along Segments and at Node entrance/exit paths. Slope indicates the degree of deviation of the road from horizontal at these points. It is measured in the angle, in Decimal Degrees x 103, between the Horizontal plane and the Slope Direction. Slope accuracy is + / - 1% over 100 meters. For example, given a slope of certain degrees, at a distance of 100 meters, if the height from horizontal is 10 meters, it may be within a range of 9.9m to 10.1m.