HERE Map Content Developer's Guide

Address Locations Layer

The Address Locations layer contains point locations for addresses (Point Address) and additional detailed addresses within a building (Micro Point Address) such as apartment, floor or suite. For a subset of countries, detailed postal codes are provided by address.

  • Point Address and Micro Point Address are published with an address and an additional drive-to location when different from the address.
  • A Micro Point Address is connected to a Point Address
  • Micro Point Address additionally provides the building unit name, level and unit name.
  • A display location is provided in case this deviates from the routing location.
  • Detailed postal codes are provided for an address (Point Address) and for unaddressed locations (locations with no address in reality) for a subset of countries. The detailed postal code data can be supplemented with the data in the Postal Code Point layer in case no detailed postal code exists in the Address Locations layer for countries that have detailed postal codes published.