HERE Map Content Schema

Administrative Areas - Geometry

The Administrative Areas - Geometry layer contains geometry and display information for administrative areas and zones.

Partitioning: Administrative, at country level

The following sections describe how the Place-Location Meta Model messages are used to represent Administrative Locations. Messages or fields that are not present below are not used to represent Administrative Locations.


The PlaceLocationPartition message contains all Administrative Locations in a partition.

Field Description
string partition_name Opaque partition name.
repeated Location location Administrative locations in the partition.


Representation of an Administrative Location and its geometry.

Field Description
string identifier An opaque string identifier for the administrative location.
LocationType location_type LocationType.AREA
common.v1.Point display_position Single display point for the administrative location.
common.v1.Geometry geometry A geometry object of type MultiPolygon representing the full geometry of the administrative location.