HERE Map Content Schema

Building Metadata Layer

The Building Metadata layer publishes feature type descriptions, categories and coded values in English and optionally in other languages (not initially in scope) for 2D Building Footprints and 3D Buildings layers. The message definitions are defined in meta.proto.

Table 1. Category Systems
Feature Type Describes the type of building. The feature type descriptions are embedded in the metadata descriptions. Examples: 2005800 (Industrial building), 2005404 (Cinema).
Display Class Is a classification of features that enables a meaningful display of these specific features. The classification is assigned according to the importance of the associated feature.
Table 2. Display Class Definitions
1 Display Class (1) identifies buildings that are nationally significant and recognizable at the national level for an individual country.
2 Display Class (2) identifies buildings that are instantly recognizable by locals and visitors at a city or regional level. These are buildings that possess a high level of historical, cultural, touristic, or educational value/interest in the city or region.
3 Display Class (3) identifies notable buildings that are not nationally recognizable or highly important/prominent to a local or visitor at a city or regional level.

Partitioning: Generic Tile, at level 12