HERE Map Content Developer's Guide

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Layer

The Electric Vehicle Charging Stations layer publishes Electric Vehicle Charging Stations with additional information and specifications.

The Electric Vehicle Charging Stations consist of general information such as location, name, category and has the following premium attribution (the inclusion varies per region):

  • Charging on-site
  • Electric Vehicle network and model information
  • Model
  • Owner Information
  • Price
  • If charging is reservable or not
  • Subscription
  • Total number of ports
  • Additional port Information and access notes

Also, the layer publishes port-specific information including:

  • Charge capacity
  • Connector type
  • Current, kilowatt, voltage
  • Customer charge level
  • Possible Customer connector names
  • Fixed cable
  • Level manufacturer
  • Maximum Power level
  • Mode
  • Number of ports
  • Phase
  • Port identifier
  • Power feed type
  • Private port or not