HERE Map Content Developer's Guide

Fueling Stations Layer

The Fueling Stations layer publishes fueling/petrol stations with the available fuel types at each location. Fueling Stations are available at a global scale. Fuel Type information is available in North America, Brazil, Europe, India, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand. The following fuel types are available:

  • Gasoline with optional 'Petrol Type' such as Regular Unleaded, Premium etc.
  • E10
  • E85
  • Hydrogen with optional 'Pressure'
  • CNG
  • LPG
  • Diesel with optional 'Premium', and 'Additives' such as 'AUS32', 'Diesel Additive'
  • Biodiesel with optional 'Grade'
  • Ethanol with optional 'Additives'

Additional attribution for the Fueling/Petrol Station such as open 24 hours, Private Access, Public Restroom etc. is published where available.