HERE Map Content Schema


HERE Map Content is a global use-case-agnostic platform catalog that publishes HERE map data you can use to develop location services. It publishes digital map primitives like roads, lanes, places, buildings, administrative areas, cartography, addresses, postal area boundaries, and more, in a fully consistent versioned data set.

HERE Map Content is optimized for large-scale, low-latency, and low-cost consumption of versioned map data. These optimizations are reflected in:

  • Dataset layering (catalog configuration)
  • Layer partitioning and payload keys
  • Payload content type and data schemas that apply per layer

HERE Map Content enables consuming only those map features and attributes of interest and selecting only updated partitions when getting the latest map data from the HERE Platform.

Catalog Information

The tables below provide the data source identifier as well as the link to the catalog in the HERE platform.

Table 1. HERE Map Content
Catalog ID rib-2
Catalog Name HERE Map Content
Endpoint Version* 2
HERE Resource Name hrn:here:data::olp-here:rib-2
HERE platform link
Table 2. HERE Map Content-Lanes
Catalog ID rib-lanes-2
Catalog Name HERE Map Content-Lanes
Endpoint Version* 2
HERE Resource Name hrn:here:data::olp-here:rib-lanes-2
HERE platform link

*Please note this is the endpoint version, not the data version, which is updated with each map update.