HERE Map Content Schema

Layers and Partitioning

This topic describes the layer and partition structure of the HERE Map Content catalog.


The HERE Map Content catalog uses versioned layers to segment data. This allows you to select and process only the data you are interested in, or to process only specific changes within a layer.

A single catalog version number is assigned to the entire catalog across all layers and partitions in a specific version. Every time HERE updates the catalog, the version number is incremented. Catalog layers and partitions can be retrieved by version with internal consistency across all published content. For information about versioned layers, see Layers in the Data User Guide.

For a complete listing of the layers in the HERE Map Content catalog, see Layers.


The majority of the layers in the HERE Map Content catalog are partitioned using the HERE Tile partitioning scheme. This is because most layers contain map data, or they reference layers that contain map data, and HERE Tile partitioning is optimal for map data. Some layers use generic partitioning because they contain references or other non-map data. The partitioning scheme for each layer is listed in Layers.

For more information about HERE Tile and generic partitioning, see Partitions in the Data User Guide.