HERE Map Content Developer's Guide

Sign Text Layer

The Sign Text layer publishes textual and graphic information posted on signs along roads. The information is always represented as text, but may originate from a graphical icon. Sign Text objects are connected to the road network by Segment Anchors, where the applicable segments are not necessarily contiguous. Signpost information can be used for route guidance (both audible and graphical/textual guidance) and map display. It is important to use the sign text and not the name on the ramp or the name at the end of the ramp because that doesn’t always match what is on the sign and may confuse a system user. In Europe, Toward Text is most relevant for guidance, while in the North America, both Branch and Toward Route Numbers information are most relevant. Furthermore, in North America, if Route Numbers are not present, Branch Text is preferred over Towards Text. Additionally, Route Direction is important for both audible and graphical route guidance in North America.

The following types of sign information is included

  • Street Names (e.g., Main St)
  • Route Names (e.g., A5)
  • City Names (e.g., Eindhoven)
  • Airport Names (e.g., Heathrow)
  • Country Names (e.g., Frankreich)
  • Exit Numbers (e.g., 12)
  • Generic terms for City Centre posted (e.g., Downtown, Zentrum, City Center,
  • etc.)
  • Generic terms for City Centre when sign posted with a city name (e.g., San
  • Francisco City Center, Downtown San Jose, etc.)
  • Tourist information if posted with a destination sign and provides useful
  • information
  • Navigationally significant text (including icons or symbols) posted on official
  • road signs( e.g., Airport, Ferry Boat/Train, Harbour, Train, etc.)
  • Other relevant information for aiding the driver

The following types of sign are not included:

  • Signs indicating the exit without a unique number or name (Exit, Ausfahrt, etc.)
  • Speed Limit Signs
  • Tourist Information Signs (e.g., Museum or Downtown)
  • Route number signs (as well as Route shield icons) along the motorway
  • Signs indicating distance to a city or location
  • City name that is followed by the designation of a country in a circle (i.e., D in a circle for Germany)
  • Extraneous sign text such as “Exit Only”, “Keep Left”, “To”, To”, “Sortie”, “Uit”, and “Uscita”, etc.
  • Signs pointing to all destinations, such as “Toutes Directions” and “Alle Richtungen”. etc.
  • Signs indicating a Rest Area or parking lot
  • Signs with variable text

For additional information about inclusion, please consult your Platform Technical Services representative.