HERE Map Content Developer's Guide

Toll Cost Layer

The Toll Cost layer publishes toll-related content to enable calculation of toll amounts, based on vehicle characteristics and traveled toll roads, including bridges, tunnels, ferries.

The Toll Cost model describes administration of fees on toll roads (including tunnels and bridges), boat ferries and train ferries. Details include locations of toll features, types of vehicle, methods of payment, fee amount and other attributes associated with toll roads. The Toll Cost layer is partitioned based on the spatial span of toll attribute.

With the Toll Cost layer the applicable fees can be computed based on a set of attributes describing the type vehicle, the toll road network and methods of payment.

Variations of fee amount is based on the Vehicle Class attribute– a combination of vehicle Category (auto, truck, etc.) and vehicle characteristics like weight, height, number of axles, etc.

The Pay Point attribute defines how toll fees are administrated:

  • Pay Point type "Toll Booth". The fee applied for traverse between toll structures.
  • Pay Point type "Toll System". The fee applied for using roads within a defined zone or roads operated by common Toll Operator or toll collection scheme.
  • Pay Point type "Toll Road Segment" (price per kilometer)
  • Pay Point type "Administrative Area" (price per kilometer)

In addition, Fee associated with Vehicle Class, is also defined by Method of Payment, time of toll road usage, Transponder system (toll road operator).