HERE Map Content Developer's Guide

Traffic Patterns Layer

The Traffic Patterns layer delivers accurate, comprehensive usual traffic speeds across 83 countries. Built from up to two years of historical speed observations, Traffic Patterns provides an expected speed for each 5-minute epoch of each day of the week. The layer covers every navigable road segment in each supported country, so it can be considered as a complete database for traffic speeds throughout the road network.

Traffic Patterns is intended for use in routing and travel time calculations, when actual real-time traffic conditions are not available, or not applicable such as for future routes. It can also be used to understand typical congestion levels, by comparing daytime speeds to overnight speeds.

In some countries, Traffic Patterns also contains a holiday appendix, which provides an override pattern that applies on national holidays. If you need a traffic speed pattern for a specific date, then scan this list to see if that date is a holiday. If so, the appendix guides you to use a different day-of-week pattern on that day. Use of the holiday appendix is optional.