HERE Map Content Developer's Guide

Vehicle Regulations Layer

The Vehicle Regulations layer publishes admin-based driving rules that apply to all vehicle types and enables display administrative and country-specific driving rules (e.g., default speed limits), legal requirements (e.g., blood alcohol limit) and general country information (e.g., driving side) at border crossings.

The following are examples of features included in the layer:

Speed Limits

  • Motorways (maximum, minimum, recommended)
  • Rural/Built-Up Areas
  • Night Time
  • Snowing/Raining

Legal Requirements

  • Headlight requirements
  • U-Turn and Turn on Red allowed
  • Toll sticker

Pre-Trip Planning

  • Safety equipment (warning triangle, first aid kit, light bulbs, safety vest, alcohol tester, fire extinguisher, tow rope)
  • Winter tires
  • Blood alcohol content (standard, novice, and commercial drivers)