HERE Map Content Schema


Message Summary

message AdasAttributesPartition

Attribution layer for ADAS (Advanced Driver Alert System) content.

Include: adas_attributes_partition.proto


Field Type Label Description
partition​_​name string  

Quadkey (HERE tiling) for the current partition.

node​_​anchor Node​Anchor repeated

All unique node anchors in this partition. Referenced by 0-based index.

segment​_​anchor Segment​Anchor repeated

All unique segment anchors in this partition. Referenced by 0-based index.

curvature​_​heading Curvature​Heading​Attribute repeated

Curvature is an approximation of the road geometry by means of circles at road geometry points (Nodes or Shape Points). Heading is the direction toward which a road is oriented. Curvature is stored as numeric value representing the curvature in metres -1 x 106). (1/Radius-of-Curvature x 106)

Heading indicates the compass heading relative to true north at a parametric point or intersection Node, relative to the direction of the associated Segment. It is the angle in Decimal Degrees x 103, between North and the road direction.

elevation Elevation​Attribute repeated

Elevation is the measure of the height value of a point on the Earth’s surface with reference to the mean-sea level.

slope Slope​Attribute repeated

Slope is the angle of inclination at a Shape Point when traversed from Reference to Non-Reference node, or at a Node indicating the angle of inclination from this Node toward the segment. It is measured in Decimal Degrees x 103, between the Horizontal plane and the Slope Direction. Slope accuracy is + / - 1% over 100 metres. For example, given a slope of certain degrees, at a distance of 100 meters, if the height from horizontal is 10 metres, it may be within a range of 9.9 metres to 10.1m

built​_​up​_​area​_​road Built​Up​Area​Road​Attribute repeated

Built-up Area Road is a Functional Class (Level 5) road within smaller Built-up Areas that have the legal yellow Built-up Area sign. These are not found worldwide but are found only in specific countries.

link​_​accuracy Link​Accuracy​Attribute repeated

Link Accuracy indicates if the geometry associated with a segment meets specific height, slope or positional accuracy.