HERE Map Content Schema


Message Summary

message CartographyPartition

The CartoPartition contains linear and polygonal cartographic features (Landcover and landuse) primarily used for map rendering. for example, railways, water features, and parks. Administrative boundaries and building footprints are not included. These features are included in separate layers.

Include: cartography_partition.proto


Field Type Label Description
partition​_​name string  

Quadkey (HERE tiling) for the partition.

location Location repeated

Cartographic locations in this partition. Location specifies the geometry of the Cartographic feature.

place Place repeated

Cartographic places in this partition. Place specifies the name and the type (category) of the cartographic feature. Cartographic Feature Types are described in the Cartography Metadata Layer.

display​_​class Display​Class​Attribute repeated

Display Class attribution for all cartographic places in this partition.

bridge Multi​Line​String​Attribute repeated

Bridge attribute of the Place. Only applies to Places with linear Location geometry.

tunnel Multi​Line​String​Attribute repeated

Tunnel attribute of the Place. Only applies to Places with linear Location geometry.

environmental​_​zone​_​reference Environmental​Zone​Reference​Attribute repeated

Contains reference to an Environmental Zone corresponding to the cartographic places.

display​_​level Display​Level​Attribute repeated

Carto Display Level indicates the zoom level(s) where Carto's should be displayed in a tiled web map.

elevation Elevation​Attribute repeated Contains elevation information.
hillshading HillshadingAttribute repeated Contains shadow or highlight shading to better render elevation differences.