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Message Summary

message Category

A category classifies other objects by means of an "is-a" relationship (for example, a place is-a Restaurant). Categories are grouped in category systems that define the use case for which the classification is appropriate. Categories may form an "is-a" relationship to other categories (potentially in different category systems). The within attribute allows definition of a directed acyclic graph of those relationships between categories.

Example: The place facility type CategorySystem has a name "FACILITY" and description "Facility Type." It has a corresponding Category with name "Restaurant" in ENG, "Εστιατόριο" in GRE with transliteration "Estiatorio", etc. The category identifier is referenced by the place's facility type attribute.

Note: In case of administrative categories, please refer to cartography-metadata layer.

Ex: For category here:cm:administrative-category:907196, refer to cartography-metadata layer and search for here:cm:carto-category:907196.(i.e., administrative-category replaced with carto-category).

Include: meta.proto


Field Type Label Description
identifier string  

An identifier for the category in the format of domain:system:type:id, for example, "here:cm:category:3455277". This property is unique in a catalog.

category​_​system​_​index uint32  

The 0-based pool index of the category system to which this category is assigned. References category_system in CategoryPartition. Required.

name Name repeated

Displayable, localized names of a category system.

description Name repeated

A textual description of the category.

within​_​category​_​ref Reference repeated

A list of references to other categories with which this category has an "is-a" relationship.