HERE Map Content Schema


Message Summary

message CountryAttribute

Country-specific attribution.

Include: administrative_places.proto


Field Type Label Description
place​_​index uint32 repeated

Index of the Place in a pool. 0-based index references to place in AdministrativePartition.

measurement​_​system Measurement​System  

Indicates whether the country uses metric or english measurement system.

currency​_​precision UInt32Value  

Number of digits of precision for currency (for example, 2 for U.S.).

language string  

BCP47 compliant language code for the majority of the names in a country. In most cases this is the Language Code of the official national language for that country.

driving​_​side Side  

Driving side.

currency​_​code Currency​Code  

Currency type.

phone​_​country​_​code string  

International phone country code.

speed​_​limit​_​unit Speed​Limit​Unit  

Speed limit unit.

house​_​number​_​position House​Number​Position  

Indicates whether house numbers are before or after a street name.

country​_​code Country​Code  

ISO country code.

ebu​_​code string  

The EBU (European Broadcasting Union) code associated with the Location Table from where the TMC code is derived.

internal​_​phone​_​prefix string  

Country phone prefix for internal dialing.