HERE Map Content Schema


Message Summary

message ApplicableDateTime

Include: cvr_date_time.proto


Field Type Label Description
date Date   Date object associated with the date time information.
exclude BoolValue   Indicates that ApplicableDateTime represents all the period other than the one specified here. For example, If this date time is applicable only for monday by setting exclude flag it implies that date time is applicable to all other days other than Monday.
day_of_week StringValue   Applicable days in a week where each day is represented as 'Y' when it's applicable, or 'N' when it's not. The order for the flag is standard from Sunday to Saturday. For example, if the datetime is applicable only for Monday and not for other days, then the flag would be set as 'NYNNNNN' Another example, when it's applicable for all days in a week, would set all flags as 'YYYYYYY'
recurring_period Recurring​Period   Holds values for a recurring period.
time Time repeated Defines start time and end time for the datetime information.
moving Moving   Identifies holidays, events, etc. that cannot be fully populated because the date changes.