HERE Map Content Schema


Message Summary

message RoadTypeDefinition

One of the attributes for regulation. It gets associated with access restriction or speed limit.

Include: cvr_road_type_definition.proto


Field Type Label Description
road_type CVR​Road​Type   All roads belonging to this category.
controlled_access BoolValue   All roads that feel and function as a Controlled Access road (i.e., they are multiply digitised,high speed roads where traffic is controlled via ramps) and are applied with Controlled Access.
limited_access_road BoolValue   All roads with limited entrances and exits that allow uninterrupted high speed traffic flow.
functional_class sint32 repeated All roads that fall under these functional classes.
route_type sint32 repeated All roads that fall under these route types.
multiply_digitized BoolValue   All roads that are multiply digitised.
urban_rural Urban​Rural   All roads that are either urban or rural areas.
notes StringValue   Contain any additional information for the road type.
motorised_vehicles_only BoolValue   Indicates if the road is only for motor vehicles.
number_of_lanes NumberOfLanes   Indicates the lane count on the road.
divider_type CVRDividerType   Indicates the type of divider on a single carriageway road.