HERE Map Content Schema


Message Summary

message ElectricChargeAttribute

Include: places_attributes.proto


Field Type Label Description
place​_​index uint32 repeated

Index of the Place in a pool. 0-based index references to place in PlacePartition.

ev​_​charging​_​on​_​site BoolValue  

Indicates if the Place offers EV charging to customer or the general public.

additional​_​port​_​information string  

Additional port information that may be useful for the port operation.

ev​_​network string  

The name of the EV Network that operates the charging station.

model string  

Indicates the model number or name of the charging station.

other​_​access​_​note string  

Specific information related to the accessibility of a station.

owner​_​information string  

Represents the party of ownership provided by some suppliers.

price string  

Indicates whether payment or membership is required.

reservable BoolValue  

subscription BoolValue    
total​_​number​_​of​_​ports Int32Value  

Indicates the total number of ports available at the charging station.

category Reference  

Associated metadata classifications for the place. See Category and CategorySystem for more information.