HERE Map Content Schema


Message Summary

message GeneralizedJunctionSignAttribute

Include: generalized_junctions_signs.proto


Field Type Label Description
origin​_​segment​_​anchor​_​index uint32  

Index of the originating segment anchor for this junction/sign. A 0-based index reference to segment_anchor.

It is the road segment immediately prior to and entering the decision point.
origin​_​bearing double  

The bearing of the segment. Bearing is the angle between a line connecting two points and a north-south line, or meridian.

destination​_​segment Destination​Segment repeated

Destinations for the junction/sign.

It is the road segment immediately prior to and exiting the decision point.
generic​_​motorway​_​sign​_​svg string  

The GMS SVG file which contains the templates to show for an origin/destination segment combination.

multiple​_​decision​_​point bool  

Indicates if given record is part of a multiple decision point.

iso_country_code string   The ISO country code of the country that the origin link lies in.
filename_2ds string   Indicates the 2DS to display for this decision point, if any.
terrain Terrain   Recommended terrain type to display.
horizon Horizon   Recommended horizon overlay to display.
urban bool   Destination Link URBAN attribute.
tunnel bool   Indicates that a junction view contains a tunnel layer; tunnel view may be enabled with appropriate background and horizon layers.
origin_limited_access_road bool   Origin link is Limited Access Road.
origin_controlled_access bool   Origin link is Controlled Access.