HERE Map Content Schema


Message Summary

message Geometry

A generic geometry, such as one of the following geometric primitives: point, line string, polygon, multi-point, multi-line string, or multi-polygon.

Include: geometry.proto


Field Type Label Description
shape One Of  

The specific shape of this geometry. Required.

  point Point  

A point is the fundamental geometry construct. A point position on the Earth.

  line​_​string Line​String  

A line string, sometimes refered to as a polyline. Consists of two or more points where each consecutive pair of points is linked with a straight line.

  polygon Polygon  

A series of points that form the boundary of a connected polygonal area. The area may contain interior holes. The boundary is represented as one exterior ring and zero or more interior rings. The exterior ring winds counter-clockwise and the interior rings wind clockwise. Rings do not cross each other, but any pair of rings may touch at one point. Interior rings are contained inside the exterior ring.

  multi​_​point Multi​Point  

A collection of points.

  multi​_​line​_​string Multi​Line​String  

A collection of line strings.

  multi​_​polygon Multi​Polygon  

A collection of polygons.

  prism Prism  

A three-dimensional solid with a polygonal base, ground clearance, and top height.

  multi​_​prism Multi​Prism  

A collection of prisms.