HERE Map Content Schema


Message Summary

message LaneStrand

Represents a strand of related lanes. The first lane in a strand will always be local. Any subsequent lanes may be local or foreign.

One LaneStrand is a sequence of contiguous lanes. A condition may have multiple LaneStrands when the underlying road has multiple lanes. For example, a section of road with two lanes that becomes three can have three LaneStrands.


Lane 1A Lane 1B LaneStrand 1: [Lane 1A, Lane 1B]

Lane 2A Lane 2B LaneStrand 2: [Lane 2A, Lane 2B] ______________ --------------- \ Lane 3B LaneStrand 3: [Lane 2A, Lane 3B] _________________

Within a condition, the starting lane of each LaneStrand will apply to the same segment range.

Include: common_lane.proto


Field Type Label Description
lane​_​ref Reference repeated

Reference for a feature; feature can be in a different partition.