HERE Map Content Schema


Message Summary

message LaneTypeAttribute

Identifies the type of lane. Lane Type may be used for route guidance and map display. Lane Type represents the lane’s predominant use if a lane is used for multiple purposes.

Include: lane_attributes.proto


Field Type Label Description
lane​_​index uint32 repeated

Indices of all lanes to which this attribute applies. 0-based index references to lane in LanePartition. Never empty.

lane​_​type Lane​Type repeated

The type(s) of the Lane. Any single value (sequence length = 1) is valid.

For combinations (sequence length > 1) the valid HERE-supported combinations are

  • HOV and reversible
  • HOV and express
  • Reversible and express
  • HOV, reversible and express
  • HOV and acceleration
  • Reversible and acceleration
  • HOV, reversible and acceleration
  • Express and acceleration
  • HOV and deceleration
  • Reversible and deceleration
  • HOV, reversible and deceleration
  • Express and deceleration