HERE Map Content Schema


Message Summary

message Location

A generic, re-usable "location". Locations represent a physical (geometric) and/or addressed space on Earth.

Include: location.proto


Field Type Label Description
identifier string  

An identifier for the location in the format of domain:system:type:id, for example, "here:cm:pointaddress:3455277". This property is unique in a catalog.

location​_​type Location​Type  

Type of location. Required.

within​_​location​_​ref Reference  

Parent location that this location is contained within.

display​_​position Point  

Point representing the whole location; used for display.

bounding​_​box Bounding​Box  

Bounding box covering full spatial extent of location.

geometry Geometry  

Detailed geometry of location.

level​_​information Level​Information  

Level information for the location.

address​_​index UInt32Value  

Index of address assigned to this location. 0-based reference to address in PlaceLocationPartition. Optional - the uint32 wrapper allows for a null object, meaning that the location does not have a corresponding address.

address​_​relation Address​Relation  

Relation of address to location.

accessors Accessor repeated

Ways to access this location.

area​_​type Area​Type  

For area-based locations, the type of area.

segment​_​anchor Segment​Anchor  

The segment and range in which to route to this location.

segment​_​anchor​_​side Side  

The side of the segment for routing to this location.

political​_​geometry Political​Geometry repeated

Geometry based on political views of concerned countries.

alternate​_​geometry Alternate​Geometry repeated

Alternate representations of the location's geometry.