HERE Map Content Developer's Guide


Message Summary

message PermittedDrivingManoeuvreCondition

Anchor type: Point/Multi. Possible SegmentAnchor Direction(s): Forward, Backward.

Permitted Driving Manoeuvre (PDM) indicates if a U-turn is allowed in areas where administrative wide U- turn restrictions exist. The condition refers to a segment anchor with a point range (that is, a range whose start equals its end). PDM supports optimised route calculation and improved route guidance. PDM is applied only in areas with where Admin Wide Regulations applies. PDM conditions are applied if exceptions exist to the area wide U-turns restrictions allowing a manoeuvre to take place.

Include: navigation_attributes.proto


Field Type Label Description
segment​_​anchor​_​index uint32 repeated

Indices of all segment anchors to which this attribute applies. 0-based index references to segment_anchor in NavigationAttributesPartition. Never empty.

applies​_​to Access  

The subset of road users to which the condition applies.

applies​_​during Date​Time​Modifier repeated

The times during which the condition applies.

permission​_​type Permission​Type  

The nature of the permission.