HERE Map Content Schema


Message Summary

message PhysicalAttribute

Anchor type: Single segment. Possible SegmentAnchor Direction(s): Both. Physical characteristics for a segment range.

Include: road_attributes.proto


Field Type Label Description
segment​_​anchor​_​index uint32 repeated

Indices of all segment anchors to which this attribute applies. 0-based index references to segment_anchor in RoadAttributePartition. Never empty.

boat​_​ferry bool  

The segment represents a generalised route of a boat ferry for passengers or vehicles over water, including routes to pedestrian only islands, tourist areas, commuter ferry routes open to only pedestrians, etc.

bridge bool  

Identifies a structure that allows a road, railway, or walkway to pass over another road, railway, waterway, or valley serving map display and route guidance functionalities.

multiply​_​digitized bool  

Multiply Digitised identifies separately digitised roads, i.e., roads that are digitised with one line per direction of traffic instead of one line per road.

paved bool  

Indicates whether the navigable segment is paved.

private bool  

Private identifies roads that are not maintained by an organisation responsible for maintenance of public roads.

rail​_​ferry bool  

The segment represents a generalised route of a ferry for passengers or vehicles via rail.

tunnel bool  

Identifies an enclosed (on all sides) passageway through or under an obstruction.

delivery​_​road bool  

Indiiation of a delivery road. [* Intended for Future release *]

movable​_​bridge bool  

Movable Bridge indicates a bridge that moves to allow passage (usually) for boats or barges. [* Intended for Future release *]