HERE Map Content Schema


Message Summary

message PhysicalLaneAttributesPartition

Attribution layer for physical lane content.

Include: physical_lane_attributes_partition.proto


Field Type Label Description
partition​_​name string  

Quadkey (HERE tiling) for the current partition.

lane​_​anchor Lane​Anchor repeated

All unique lane anchors in this partition. Referenced by 0-based index.

accessible_by Lane​Access​Attribute repeated Identifies the vehicle types which are allowed on the lane.
transition_type Lane​Transition Type Attribute repeated Identifies the type of lane transition.
lane_type Lane​Type​Attribute repeated Identifies the type of lane.
width_profile Lane Width Profile Attribute repeated Provides lane widths at various stretches of a lane.
direction_of_travel Lane Direction of Travel Attribute repeated Describes the direction of travel for each lane.
speed_limit Lane Speed Limit Attribute repeated The legal speed limit for vehicle travel for a particular lane.