HERE Map Content Schema


Message Summary

message Place

Place contain naming and classifications for a location. Additional attribution is bound to the Place.

Include: place.proto


Field Type Label Description
identifier string  

An identifier for the place in the format of domain:system:type:id, for example, "here:cm:place:3455277". This property is unique in a catalog.

location​_​ref Reference  

Reference to this Place's Location.

name Name repeated

Names of the Place.

category Reference repeated

Associated metadata classifications for the place.

valid​_​unnamed BoolValue  

Place feature may be unnamed

alt​_​category Reference repeated

Alternate categories that apply for a place

political_view_name_replacement PoliticalViewNameReplacement repeated Maps Political View to a Name which should have Text value replaced for the given Political View.
political_view_action PoliticalViewAction repeated Indicates 'action' or downstream application behavior for the identified places in this partition.