HERE Map Content Schema


Message Summary

message PlacesPartition

The top level message of each partition in a Place layer. Contains entities of type Place, various pools of value objects shared by the entities in the same partition, and attributes for the places.

Include: places_partition.proto


Field Type Label Description
partition​_​name string  

Quadkey (HERE tiling) for the current partition.

supplier Supplier repeated

All unique place suppliers in this partition. Referenced by 0-based index.

author Author repeated

All unique feedback authors in this partition. Referenced by 0-based index.

place Place repeated

Places in this partition. Non-primary Place categories are published in alt_category of Place.

address Address repeated

All unique addresses used by locations in this partition. Referenced by 0-based index.

location Location repeated

Locations in this partition.

external​_​identifier External​Identifier​Attribute repeated

Identifier(s) from external systems.

contact​_​information Contact​Info​Attribute repeated

Contact information for places in this partition.

operating​_​time Operating​Time​Attribute repeated

Operating times for places in this partition.

feedback Feedback​Attribute repeated

Feedback for places in this partition.

payment Payment​Info​Attribute repeated

Payment information for places in this partition.

relationship​_​attribute Relationship​Attribute repeated

Base Attributes for Place.

capacity​_​attribute Capacity​Attribute repeated

Extended Attributes for Place.

internet​_​connection​_​attribute Internet​Connection​Attribute repeated

A single Place may have multiple internet connection records associated with it.

price​_​range Price​Range​Type repeated

Each Place may have multiple price ranges.

spoken​_​language Spoken​Language​Type repeated

Spoken languages refer to the language or languages spoken by the people that own or represent a Place.

qr​_​code​_​attribute Qr​Code​Attribute repeated
verification​_​attribute Verification​Attribute repeated

Rich Attributes for Place.

media​_​reference​_​attribute Media​Reference​Attribute repeated
quality​_​score Quality​Score repeated

Attributes from key-value pairs for Place.

place​_​access​_​attribute Place​Access​Attribute repeated
alcohol​_​service​_​attribute Alcohol​Service​Attribute repeated
amenities​_​attribute Amenities​Attribute repeated
basic​_​info​_​attribute Basic​Info​Attribute repeated
other​_​information Other​Information repeated
electric​_​charge​_​attribute Electric​Charge​Attribute repeated  
hotel​_​attribute Hotel​Attribute repeated
location​_​information Location​Information repeated
parking​_​attribute Parking​Attribute repeated
restaurant​_​attribute Restaurant​Attribute repeated
transit​_​attribute Transit​Attribute repeated  
vehicle​_​services​_​attribute Vehicle​Services​Attribute repeated
truck​_​attribute Truck​Attribute repeated

31, 32 are used for address and location.

fuel​_​type​_​attribute Fuel​Type​Attribute repeated
social​_​signal Social​Signal repeated
port​_​attribute Port​Attribute repeated
safety​_​camera Safety​Camera repeated  
black​_​spot Black​Spot repeated  
match​_​level​_​attribute Match​Level​Attribute repeated
affiliation_attribute Affiliation​Attribute (Japan Specific) repeated Japan-specific key-value pairs translated into attributes.
office_type_attribute Office Type​Attribute (Japan Specific) repeated Japan-specific key-value pairs translated into attributes.
note_type_attribute Note​Type​Attribute repeated Provides more information on the notes attached to a place.
place_category_confidence_attribute Probabilistic​Reference repeated Probabilistic Reference
popularity_attribute Place​Key​Value​Pair​Type repeated  
vendor_url_attribute Place​Key​Value​Pair​Type repeated