HERE Map Content Schema


Message Summary

message PortAttribute

Include: places_attributes.proto


Field Type Label Description
place​_​index uint32 repeated

Index of the Place in a pool. 0-based index references to place in PlacePartition.

charge​_​capacity string  

Provides the charge mode of a specific connector type at the charging station.

connector​_​type string  

Provides the types of connectors available at the charging station.

current string  

Amperes values can be extracted from the charge capacity if known.

customer​_​charge​_​level string  

Provides the customer information on the charge level of the specific Connector Type.

customer​_​connector​_​names string  

This is an alternate connector name that is derived from the 'ConnectorType'.

fixed​_​cable BoolValue  

Indicates that the cable is fixed or not fixed for a specific Connector Type on the charge station.

kilowatt string  

Kilowatt output at the station represented by the number of kilowatts followed by 'kW'.

level string  

Level is used in North America and Australia. .

manufacturer string  

The company or brand who manufactured the actual station hardware.

max​_​power​_​level string  

Provides the maximum charge power of a specific Connector Type.

mode string  

Provides the supported charge mode according to IEC 61851 by the specific Connector Type.

number​_​of​_​ports Int32Value  

Represents the number of ports of the specific connector type for a given charging tower.

phase string  

Indicates the phase of the electrical power source.

port​_​id string  

Indicates the unique port ID for the charging port.

power​_​feed​_​type string  

Indicates the type of power feed provided on the charging port.

private​_​port BoolValue  

When set to true indicates that at least one port of a multi-port station is considered 'private' and has access restrictions.

voltage string  

Indicates the voltage supply available at the specified station.

category Reference  

Associated metadata classifications for the place. See Category and CategorySystem for more information.

connector_type_id string   Information about the connector types. Enables to search for specific connectors as this goes in hand with connector types. Example: connector_type_id : connector_type; 5 : Domestic plug/socket type B (NEMA 5-15), Domestic plug/socket type B (NEMA 5-20)
pricing_model string   Contains information about the pricing model.
ground_truth_port_count uint32   Indicates the number of times that whole Port Attribute message is repeated for a place.