HERE Map Content Schema


Message Summary

message PostalCodePoint

Attributes for postal code: center points for full postal codes for a collection of addresses (address ranges) and/or postal code areas.

Include: postal_code_point.proto


Field Type Label Description
postal​_​code string  

The complete postal code, including spaces, punctuation etc.

main​_​postal​_​code string  

The subset of the postal code representing a postal code area.

postal​_​code​_​extension string  

The subset of the postal code, representing the refinement of the postal code location.

geocode​_​precision​_​postal​_​code sint32  

Geo Level Code with possible values based on country code.

postal​_​code​_​type Postal​Code​Type  

A numeric value specifying the type of postal code association.

postal​_​code​_​centroid Point  

Latitude/longitude of the postal code centroid.

carrier​_​route​_​number string  

The carrier route number for the ZIP+4 record.

postal​_​city​_​name StringValue  

The Postal City (or last-line city) for the ZIP+4 record.

alternate​_​place​_​name StringValue  

Optional - Identifies the commonly known place name associated with a centroid.