HERE Map Content Developer's Guide


Message Summary

message RoadClassAttribute

Anchor type: Single segment. Possible SegmentAnchor Direction(s): Both.

Road Class identifies a road network based on governmental classification. It is not applied globally, but for select countries only. Road Class can be used for map display. Additionally, Road Class can be used for route guidance, such as "Enter the express highway" or "Enter the urban expressway."

Road Class(1, 2, 3, and 5) is applied to roads based on governmental classification Road Class(6) is applied to General roads with two or more lanes Road Class(7) is applied to General roads with one lane where it is wide enough for two vehicles to pass Road Class(8) is applied to Boat Ferry(Yes) and Rail Ferry(Yes) Road Class(9) is applied to alleys Road Class(11) is applied to Frontage Road with Through Traffic(No). Road Class(12) is applied to walkways.

  • Road Class values are defined by the country’s regulating body.

  • Road Class is applied for select countries only. Refer to the Country Specific Rules for more information.

Include: road_attributes.proto


Field Type Label Description
segment​_​anchor​_​index uint32 repeated

Indices of all segment anchors to which this attribute applies. 0-based index references to segment_anchor in RoadAttributePartition. Never empty.

road​_​class Road​Class  

Road class applicable to the listed segment anchors.