HERE Map Content Schema


Message Summary

message Street

Logical representation of road with same name, e.g., Main Street Skokie, Illinois.

A Street is a collection of StreetSections carrying the same naming information. A street may cross more than one administrative area, zone and postal area.

The aggregation of StreetSections may be by city, county, state or even by country, up to the administrative level designated as the clip-level for the country. For example, clip-level in the US is county.

Include: street_names.proto


Field Type Label Description
identifier string  

An identifier for the street in the format of domain:system:type:id, for example, "here:af:street:3455277". This property is unique in a catalog.

street​_​name Street​Name repeated

Street name or names. Multiple names represent the "same" street in different languages.