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Message Summary

message TollSystem.PayPoint

PayPoint defines the following:

  • The toll road entry and exit point (toll structures) when toll is paid per distance travelled.
  • The toll road entry point (toll structure) when toll is a fixed fee.
  • Toll system types like vignette roads.
  • The toll road segment (start and end) from junction to junction when toll is based on a price per kilometre.
  • Toll regulations for administrative areas.

Multiple PayPoint elements can be published for one Toll in case the toll characteristics are the same for multiple toll structures (fixed fee toll structures only).

Interconnected toll systems are published when applicable, e.g., interconnected toll system on selected motorways in France.

Include: toll_cost_attributes.proto


Field Type Label Description
map​_​ref One Of  

Reference to the map feature(s) for this PayPoint.

  toll​_​structure​_​pay​_​point Toll​Structure​Pay​Point  

The toll cost is related to a toll structure.

  toll​_​road​_​segment​_​pay​_​point Toll​Road​Segment​Pay​Point  

The toll cost is related toa toll road segment (toll based on a price per kilometre).

  toll​_​system​_​pay​_​point Toll​System​Pay​Point  

The toll cost is related to a specific toll system.

  administrative​_​area​_​pay​_​point Administrative​Area​Pay​Point  

The toll cost is a toll regulation for an administrative place where the toll is paid per kilometre of road driven administrative area.

ferry​_​feature​_​type Ferry​Feature​Type  

Defines the type of ferry that is operating, if applicable.