HERE Map Content Schema


Message Summary

message TrafficPattern

Include: trafficpattern_attributes.proto


Field Type Label Description
day​_​of​_​week Day​Of​Week  
speed​_​pattern Pattern repeated

Speeds in intervals of 5 minutes. The epoch range and thus the number of total possible Patterns per PatternObject is dependent on the epoch type.

If a sequence of consecutive epochs has the same speed, then only the first and the last Patterns are included. The intermediate Patterns in the sequence are implicit.

By implication, at a minimum, a Pattern for epochs 0 and 287 are always provided.

Example: A PatternObject with two patterns: (epoch=0, speed=20) and (epoch=2015, speed=20) represents a constant 20 KPH. The implicit Pattern for any epoch N, 0 < N < 2015 is copied from epoch=0.