HERE Map Content Schema


Message Summary

message TransportRestrictedDrivingManoeuvreCondition

Continuation along the range is restricted for transport vehicles.

In the case of a restricted u-turn, the TransportRestrictedDrivingManoeuvreCondition refers to a segment anchor with a point range, meaning the start of the range equals the end.

Include: truck_attributes.proto


Field Type Label Description
segment​_​anchor​_​index uint32 repeated

Indices of all segment anchors to which this attribute applies. 0-based index references to segment_anchor in TruckAttributesPartition. Never empty.

applies​_​to Access  

The subset of transport-attributes users to which the condition applies.

applies​_​during Date​Time​Modifier repeated

The times during which the condition applies.

hazardous​_​material​_​type Hazardous​Material​Type  

The type of hazardous goods for which the range is closed. Optional.

trailer​_​type Trailer​Type  

Specifies the occurrence of a restriction on a segment related to trucks with a specific number of trailers. Optional.

weather​_​type Weather​Type  

The type of weather for which the condition is applicable. Optional.

hazmat​_​permit​_​type Hazardous​Material​Permit​Type  

Indicates what type of HAZMAT permit documents (if any) are required to legally drive on the transport-attributes with hazardous cargo. Optional.

transport​_​restriction Transport​Restriction  

Type of restriction with quantity. For example, height, weight, length, axle count. Optional. Will not be present if the RestrictionType is UNSPECIFIED.