HERE Map Content Schema


Message Summary

message VehicleRegulationsAttribute.LegalRequirements

Include: vehicle_regulation_attributes.proto


Field Type Label Description
parking​_​side Parking​Side​Restriction repeated

Road side parking restrictions.

u​_​turn UTurn​Regulation repeated

U-turn regulations.

free​_​turn​_​on​_​red Free​Turn​On​Red​Restriction repeated

Right turn on red regulation.

road​_​space​_​rationing Road​Space​Rationing repeated

Alternate driving days / No cars days.

head​_​light​_​requirement Head​Light​Requirement repeated

The attribute specifies if the admin area requires headlights to be on during daytime driving or based on other considerations.

bac​_​limit​_​standard FloatValue  

Blood alcohol content for standard drivers.

bac​_​limit​_​commercial FloatValue  

Blood alcohol content for commercial drivers.

bac​_​limit​_​novice FloatValue  

Blood alcohol content for novice drivers.

toll​_​sticker BoolValue  

Toll sticker requirements.

toll BoolValue  

Nationwide motorway/city toll.

clean​_​air​_​vehicle BoolValue  

The attribute specifies if local regulations require Eco Sticker.