In order to develop applications using HERE services and data, you need to know how to incorporate HERE authentication into your application. This guide describes how to register your applications to access HERE data and services. It also describes how to register users and how to administer your company's HERE platform org.

There are two environments that host HERE services and data: the HERE platform and the developer portal.

HERE platform

The HERE platform is used by organizations to provide their developers access to HERE data and services as described in HERE platform access. You are a HERE platform user if you use HERE Workspace or HERE Marketplace.

For information on application authentication for the HERE platform, and how to manage users and organizations, see the HERE platform section.

Developer portal

The developer portal ( is for individual developers to access HERE services and data. You are a developer portal user if you have signed up for the Freemium, Add-on, or Pro plans as described at HERE developer access.

For information on application authentication for the developer portal, see the HERE developer portal section.

For the terms and conditions covering this documentation, see the HERE Documentation License.

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