OAuth tokens


This topic describes how to use OAuth tokens on the HERE developer portal. For instructions on using tokens on the HERE platform, see OAuth tokens.

Token credentials conform to the OAuth 2.0 industry standard protocol for bearer access tokens. HERE provides REST APIs to obtain these secure access tokens that your application can use for the purpose of authenticating requests to the HERE platform for up to 24 hours.

To use OAuth 2.0 tokens, follow these steps:

Step 1: Register your application

  1. If you don't already have a HERE account, see Get a HERE account.
  2. Sign in to developer.here.com.
  3. Click your name, select Projects, and then your project from the list. Your project details and available application credentials are then displayed.
  4. Select REST or HERE SDKs and click Generate App. When your application is created, its App ID is displayed.
  5. Click Create Credentials to generate a maximum of two access keys for your application. The access key is created and displayed in a pop-up window. Download and securely store the access key secret. Also download the credentials.properties file as instructed.

Step 2: Get a token

For instructions on getting a token, see Code an OAuth 2.0 token request.

Step 3: Use the token

You have now successfully obtained an access bearer token to use in making REST requests to HERE APIs.

Include the token in the HTTP Authorization header of your REST requests as a bearer token:

Authorization: Bearer <token>

Sample REST Request

GET /maptile/2.1/maptile/newest/normal.day/13/4400/2686/256/png8
Host: 1.base.maps.ls.hereapi.com
Authorization: Bearer eyJhbGceOyJSAMPLEiIsImN0eSISAMPLEt7VTFIllwIM0cKNCjN2WCCTqlwEEmk-t3gx1BpqUFoeBSAMPLEvhj8nl-RBGcyoljY...
Cache-Control: no-cache


If you are upgrading to API key and currently have old app code credentials, you can remove them by clicking Remove APP CODE credentials and use your new API key credentials in their place.

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