Domain names for HERE services

With the introduction of OAuth 2.0 token and API key authentication types, there are also new domain names for HERE services.

This table provides a mapping between the domain names used with app code credentials and the new domain names to be used with either OAuth 2.0 token or API key credentials.

For more detailed information and examples for each service, see the Developer Documentation.

HERE service Domain name for
app code credentials
Domain name for
OAuth 2.0 token credentials
& API key credentials
Fleet Custom Location
Fleet Custom Route
Fleet GeoFencing
Fleet Platform Data
Fleet Route Matching
Fleet Toll Cost
Fleet Waypoints Sequence
Geocoder: Auto Completion
Geocoder: Batch
Geocoder: Forward
Geocoder: Reverse
Map: Aerial [1..4] [1..4]
Map: Base [1..4] [1..4]
Map: Image
Map: Satellite [1..4] [1..4]
Public Transit
Routing: Intermodal
Routing: Isoline
Routing: Matrix
Traffic Flow & Incidents
Traffic Tiles [1..4]
Traffic Vector Tiles
Traffic TPEG

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