Get a HERE account

A HERE account provides you with access to the HERE services you have licensed, whether you are a HERE platform user or a developer portal user.

HERE platform users

If your organization has signed up for HERE Workspace or HERE Marketplace, contact your organization admin who can invite you to join the HERE platform organization established for your company. (Organization admins: see Invite users for more information.) You can also request a free trial of the HERE platform if your company does not have an organization established for it. For more information, see the HERE platform pricing.

Once you have a HERE account, log in to the HERE platform to explore the data and services available to you.

HERE platform sign in
Figure 1. HERE platform sign in

Developer portal users

If you are an individual developer who has signed up on the developer portal, you received a HERE account ID when you signed up. You can use your HERE account to sign into to create applications. Applications (uniquely identified by an app ID) enable development with HERE products and services.

Developer portal sign in
Figure 2. Developer portal sign in

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