Q: How do I include credentials in my index compaction library JAR file?

A: For security reasons, it is highly discouraged to add credentials in the index compaction pipeline JAR file. The platform manages the credentials of the pipeline on behalf of the user and can be selected when creating the pipeline. To understand more about credentials, see:

Identity & Access Management Guide

Q: How do I search application logs?

A: For detailed information on how to search the logs, see:

Search Application Logs

Q: How do I monitor my index compaction pipeline?

A: For detailed information on how to monitor the pipelines, see:

Q: Are there any system metrics for my index compaction pipeline?

A: The Index Compaction Library internally uses the Spark Batch Execution Environment. To know more about the available system metrics, see:

Spark Metrics

Q: Where can I find more information about logging and monitoring?

A: General information can be found here:

Logs, Monitoring and Alerts User Guide

Q: How do I investigate an index compaction pipeline that has failed?

A: There is a logging URL attached to your pipeline version. You click this link to access Splunk. From here, you can start investigating the failure. To check if your pipeline failed because of the Index Compaction Library, you can edit the search query by appending additional filters. The following is an example for Index Compaction Library error filters:

index=olp-here-test_common namespace=olp-here-test-j-d07b5ee2-cbbd-48f6-b0e3-5b0d87703fed "*ICL:*"

If no results are found, then the cause of your failure may not be the Index Compaction Library itself but rather one of the services on which the library depends:

  • Pipeline runtime environment
  • Index Layer
  • HEREAccount

A: For further troubleshooting information, see:


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