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part AdminRegion

Module site

MOM has a hierarchy of admin objects representing admin areas. Indoor data need to be self-contained, so must have all here, instead of referencing full address from another space. It may be possible to reference to admin objects from venues at some point, and that's why the address structure is similar to Admin objects.

Property Type Modifier Description
adminTypeNames Name list Admin name specific for the country e.g. Arrondissement (France), Provincie (Netherlands, Gemeinde( Germany)

Specifying it like this in practice leaves it to the user to define it. The app may propose name based on

the category as a default option

(in case there is nothing in the data) from app's localized strings.

And when converting from legacy data, the name can be taken from there.
names Name list name of the region, e.g. name of a city or state.


part IndoorLegacyVersion

Module site

Version from legacy venue tools, if the Indoor Map was imported

Property Type Modifier Description
mapVersion string
entityVersion string


part IndoorSiteAddress

Module site

Property Type Modifier Description
streetAddress PointAddress optional Deprecated. Street address structure as an embedded property, deprecated in favor of street-address-external property.
streetAddressExternal Address optional Street address as a reference to PointAddress.

Expected fields are roadName, houseNumber and postalCode.

This acts also as a parent for all micro-point-address'es of the indoor map.

Marked optional, although in most cases used.
city AdminRegion City is a mandatory part of the street address, but does not belong to PointAddress
county AdminRegion optional County is optional, and the type may be renamed (e.g. territory)
state AdminRegion optional State is optional, and the types may be renamed


part IndoorSiteMetadata

Module site

Indoor Map metadata used for released versions of the map. For work-in-progress changes, the editing meta-information is saved in feature-level.

Property Type Modifier Description
releaseVersion string Release version identifier (plain integer or version with dot-notation)
releaseTag string A short release description
legacyVersion IndoorLegacyVersion optional Version from legacy venue tools, if the Indoor Map was imported
venueRulesVersion string Indoor Map is created/converted/validated using Indoor Map Rules file, it is important to know the version

number of the used rules
lastUpdatedBy string optional User or company ID who released the Indoor Map.


part OutdoorReferences

Module site

Reference to HERE outdoor domains. Indoor Map's site feature represents a building or a set of buildings, so linking to HERE Places Footprints (, in MOM: Building layer) can be relevant and open new application opportunities. Where the building layer represents a physical layer, HERE Places can represent what is occupying the building(s). Hence the site may also have an entry in HERE Places, and even more specifically in case there are multiple POIs under a Place, a POI under the Place can represent the Indoor Map.

Property Type Modifier Description
place Place optional Places API
poiId PoiReference optional POI reference within the referenced HERE Place
footprint Building optional Reference to outdoor building (HERE Places Footprints); can be used e.g. to open indoor editor from outdoor

map for the selected building


part PoiReference

Module site

Poi reference within Place, with reference type in the key; defined as a class to prepare to extend in future if necessary

Property Type Modifier Description
rmob string


feature Site extends MomFeature, VenueFeature

Module site

Site is the main entity, the campus. It contains generic properties for the Indoor Map.

Property Type Modifier Description
momType "indoor.Site"
id string
bbox BoundingBox optional
geometry MultiPolygon Site geometry represents footprint of the site, covering all structures, and also outdoor

yard and external structures, in case they are modeled as part of the Indoor Map.

It can be a multipolygon or a polygon represented as a multipolygon.
properties SiteProperties
referencePoint Point optional This is the location of this feature, collapsed to a single point.

This is for any application where an approximate, but deterministic and consistent, location is useful. One

example is deciding where to "anchor" a feature within a tiled map database.

Any Reference to this feature should include this point.
nonSpatialPartitionKey string optional The partition id for a generically partitioned feature.

Generically partitioned features fall into two categories:

1. Features that have a spatial component but may not make sense to partition based on that geometry.

2. Features that don't have a strong spatial component.

How keys will be assigned and what value ranges will be used are not specified.

Examples of generically partitioned features are admin, zone, postal, phonetics, metadata, etc.
Constraint Expression Description
atMostOneDefinedProperty (is-empty(.referencePoint) is-empty(.nonSpatialPartitionKey)) At most one of non-spatial-partition-key and reference-point can be defined.


part SiteProperties extends Common, VenueFeatureProperties

Module site

Properties specific to this site.

Property Type Modifier Description
@ns:com:here:mom:meta Metadata optional
@ns:com:here:mom:rmob string optional Currently not specified - may be specified by each Feature individually in future
featureType FeatureType optional Deprecated. This property is redundant to MomFeature.momType and should not be used.

MOM clients before 2.6 release had this deprecated property set to required, so

if data needs to be JSON schema validated by clients before 2.6 this property must be

set by the writer.
isoCountryCode Country optional Deprecated. This indicates which country a Feature is in, with a couple caveats.

- It may be unknown ("NONE" is a valid value, in addition to "UNDEFINED" like all MOM enums) simply because the

writer has not tried to figure it out or has otherwise not had the means to do so.

- It may be outright incorrect or a simplification of reality, specifically when a Feature is close to a country

border or in a disputed area (e.g., two or more countries claim the same area).

In all cases, writers and readers of this data should understand that the semantics of this property must be

agreed upon (if it is used at all). The preferred method of relating a Feature to a Country is through a

(direct or transitive) Reference from the Feature to an Admin.
@ns:com:here:mom:delta Branch optional
@ns:com:here:mom:mapcreator MapCreator optional
@ns:com:here:xyz Xyz optional Generic Data Hub namespace
extensionOSM MomOsm optional Optional extension for OSM (Open Street Map) metadata,

in case the object came from OSM
@ns:com:here:groundTruth GroundTruth optional Ground truth namespace
confidence ConfidenceData optional Confidence of a feature, optional only for the features

that are not participating in Quality Index.
venueId string optional Deprecated. Id of the venue. Venue Id is generated outside of MOM, and is used by the different components/services of venues.

There is no venue object, hence this is not a reference to any object,

but conceptually venue is a collection of objects of momType "indoor.{Site, Structure, Level, Space, Occupant}".

This id is linking every object to the venue.

It may have the same value as the Site object, but it doesn't have to have.

Each feature could be considered to be identifiable by a 2-level id: the venueId + feature id.

The feature id is also unique by itself.
indoorMapId string Id of the indoor map. The id is generated outside of MOM, and is used by the different components/services

of the indoor map.

Indoor map is a collection of objects of momType "indoor.{Site, Structure, Level, Space, Occupant, ...}".

This id is linking every object to the specific indoor map.

It may have the same value as the Site object, but it doesn't have to have.

Each feature could be considered to be identifiable by a 2-level id: the indoor map id + feature id.

The feature id is also unique by itself.
renderProperties RenderProperties optional optional object, will appear only for following objects Site, Structure, Level, Space (Vectors)
venueType VenueType Enum of the venue type
placeProperties PlaceProperties Name, contacts, opening hours are common to PlaceProperties, but majority of PlaceProperties are irrelevant
defaultLanguageCode string Default language for all objects belonging to this Indoor Map
languages string set Languages available for this Indoor Map
address IndoorSiteAddress Site address, including street address and city & state & country levels
descriptions LanguageProperty list Site descriptions in different languages.
accessRestrictions AccessRestriction set Site may have some access restrictions. Absence means no restrictions (public use).
parkingRestrictions ParkingFacilityRestrictions optional If this is a parking garage, there may be some parking-specific access restrictions covering the whole site.

Absence means no restrictions.
outdoorReferences OutdoorReferences optional HERE Places, Footprints and possibly other references
customerReferenceId string optional Reference id in customer data systems
indoorSiteMetadata IndoorSiteMetadata optional Metadata covering the Indoor Map

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