Fetch indoor map data

Use cases

If you need your indoor map data in the Map Object Model (MOM) format, you can do that through the Platform Data API.

This tutorial provides instructions on how to achieve the following:

  • Create the required credentials for the data download.
  • Find the required parameters for the data download.
  • Fetch all indoor maps using the OLP CLI.
  • Fetch a single indoor map using the OLP CLI.


Application credentials

Access to your data is possible via the platform applications in your Indoor Maps project. Each application can have two sets of OAuth2 credentials, which authorize access. To get the OAuth2 KEY ID and KEY SECRET for the Default Map Collection App, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to the HERE platform using your HERE account.
  2. Open the Access Manager from the launcher.
  3. Select the the Apps tab.
  4. Select Show all apps and locate the Default Map Collection App.
  5. Create the OAuth2 credentials for this App. You must be an Org Admin with management rights enabled for all apps and resources. Note that you need to download the credentials and store them in a safe place, the platform portal will not allow you to re-download credentials.


The OAuth2 credentials are taken into use as instructed in the section OLP CLI Configuration.

You can also create your own application for this purpose. The application must have a read access to the main maps catalog.

Main indoor maps catalog HRN

Find the main indoor map catalog HRN from the HERE platform by selecting Data from the HERE platform launcher, and then searching for -maps.

Indoor map UUID

When accessing a single indoor map, you must have the Indoor Map UUID, which you can obtain from the Indoor portal.

Bearer token

HERE platform Data API uses bearer tokens for authentication.

Once you have obtained the credentials for an application, you can get the bearer token. When using the the OLP CLI, use

olp api token get --quiet

to fetch a token.

Fetch indoor maps from the Versioned Layer

See the Data API guide to understand how to work with the versioned layer of the main maps catalog.


Note that the indoor map data is Gzip compressed so you will have to uncompress first.

Fetch all indoor maps using the OLP CLI

Using the OLP CLI, all indoor maps can be fetched via:

olp catalog layer partition get <Catalog HRN> models --all

Fetch an indoor map using the OLP CLI

Using the OLP CLI, an indoor map can be fetched via:

olp catalog layer partition get <Catalog HRN> models --partitions <Indoor Map UUID> --output <Output Path>

High level SDKs

In addition to the OLP CLI, there are also other high level SDKs available. For example, for

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