Add indoor maps to your mobile application

You can build Android and iOS based applications with the HERE SDK (Navigate Edition). The HERE SDK consists of classes and methods to implement the functionality of an interactive application. With the HERE SDK, you can combine HERE maps and HERE services with your indoor maps to build your unique service.


This tutorial is applicable to HERE SDK (Navigate Edition) version 4.12.7 and higher.

Indoor maps are available in the HERE SDK (Navigate Edition) to develop native applications for Android, iOS, and Flutter. The Developer Guides for HERE SDK (Navigate Edition) are available from the following locations:


An additional subscription plan is required for HERE SDK (Navigate Edition).

Use HERE Indoor Map in the HERE SDK

To use indoor maps in the HERE SDK, you must have the following information:

These three parameters are obtained as follows:

  • Key ID and Key Secret

    • Use the OAuth2 credentials that has been issued for the Default Map Collection App. To create the credentials, follow these steps:
      1. Sign in to the HERE platform using your HERE account.
      2. Open the Access Manager from the launcher.
      3. Select the the Apps tab.
      4. Select Show all apps and locate the Default Map Collection App.
      5. Create the OAuth2 credentials for this App. You must be an Org Admin with management rights enabled for all apps and resources.
  • Indoor Map ID

    • See Indoor Maps discovery below.
  • Optional: Collection catalog HRN

    • If you use a standard indoor map setup, you don't need to set the HRN explicity, but the HERE SDK will handle this for you. However, if you experience problems or need to explicitly set the catalog from where to read the indoor maps, then use the HRN parameter.
    • Locate the default indoor map collection catalog HRN from the Indoor portal frontpage, or from the HERE platform by selecting Data from the HERE platform launcher, and then searching for collection. Copy the default collection catalog HRN.

Indoor Maps discovery

To make an indoor map visible in your mobile application, you will need to know the Indoor Map ID.

There are two ways to obtain IDs:

  • You can copy the Indoor Map UUID from the Indoor portal, and select the last portion of the numerical value without the leading zeros to get the Indoor Map ID. See Concepts.
  • Use the the method getVenueInfoList of the class VenueMap to list the indoor maps you can access. Note that this link is for the Android documentation. Similar methods are available for iOS and Flutter.

HERE Indoor Map resources for HERE SDK

Developer Guides are available for Android, iOS, and Flutter at the following locations:

Example projects are available for Android, iOS, and Flutter at the following locations:

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