Bike Share and Ride

Bike Share and Ride is a REST service that helps you calculate a route to your destination using a rental bike and public transportation.

On a Bike Share and Ride trip you first rent a bike or e-bike within walking distance and use this bike to cycle to an optimal public transport station along the route. Then, you transfer to public transit and reach your destination. The Bike Share and Ride service of the Intermodal Routing API v8 gives you instructions for every step of the route including where to find a rental bike. Locations for bicycles that are available for rent are updated every minute.

Combining a Bike Share with Public Transit may yield the following benefits:

  • Reach areas that are not well-connected to public transportation.
  • Save time and money on parking.
  • Reduce fare cost.
  • Reduce commuting time.
  • Reduce CO2 emissions and ease traffic congestion.
  • No necessity to own a personal bicycle.


Bike Share and Ride option is only provided if it significantly improves the route.

Useful parameters to refine queries to Bike Share and Ride Routing include the following:

  • Specify a departure time (current time by default).
  • Request a travel summary to see trip duration and distance at one glance.
  • Restrict routes to specific transit modes, such as rail and metro only.
  • Set walking speed.
  • Limit how many changes or transfers the journey may include.
  • Request turn-by-turn navigation.
  • Request route geometry in HERE Flexible Polyline format in order to display the route on a map.
  • Receive information about traffic incidents along the way.

Explore the possible parameters for the Intermodal Routing API v8 request as described in the API Reference.


Bike Share and Ride utilizes the General Bikeshare Feed Specification to determine the locations of bicycles which are ready to rent. The availability of Bike Share and Ride Routing in a given area depends on the presence of a local bike share operator who conforms to the GBFS standard. The list of locations and operators conforming to this standard is changing regularly. See this document for the most up to date list of countries, areas and bike share operators covered by Bike Share and Ride Routing.

Further Reading

For more information on the services and transport types of the Intermodal Routing API v8, see the Intermodal Services & Transport Types section.

For more information on how to use the Bike Share and Ride service of the Intermodal Routing API v8, see how to Calculate a Bike Share and Ride Route.

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