Park and Ride

Park and Ride is a service of the Intermodal Routing API v8 that combines vehicle and transit transport types as well as parking lots in proximity of public transit stations.

For more information on the services and transport types of the Intermodal Routing API v8, see the Intermodal Services & Transport Types section.

Often, city centers are congested with traffic, parking is expensive or not widely available, and some areas are restricted to private traffic. Park and Ride solution allows you to do the following:

  • drive their own vehicle until an optimal parking lot along the route,
  • park the vehicle and walk until a nearby transit station,
  • transfer to public transit and reach a destination.

Thus, you avoid traffic and restricted areas, high parking fees, and dramatically reduces the time wasted searching for a parking lot.

The /routes response consists of a series of sections, which represent legs of the route, with relevant information like departure/arrival time and transport. Additional properties, such as the shape of the route encoded into the HERE flexible-polyline format, can be optionally requested.

Use cases

Common uses of Park and Ride include the following:

  • define routes based on arrival or departure times
  • define routes based on driving/riding preference
  • filter specific transit modes, such as rail and metro only
  • plan routes hours or days in advance
  • set a maximum distance for the walk to the nearest transit stop/station or the speed of the walk
  • define how many changes or transfers the journey may include
  • request turn-by-turn navigation
  • request route flexible-polyline in order to view the route over a map.

For more information on how to use the Park and Ride service of the Intermodal Routing API v8, see how to Send a Request and how to Calculate a Park and Ride Route.

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